An audio-visual project with partner-universities


On 29.4.2020 at 3 pm in Mainz (Macao: 10 pm / Mexico: 8 am) we had the international kick-off event on the audio-visual project


with the participating universities:

Escuela Nacional de Artes Cinematográficas, UNAM Mexico City, Mexico 
St. Joseph University Macao, China
Universidad Lisboa, Portugal
RUFA, Rome, Italy

German-Jordanian University Amman, Jordan
Mainz University of Applied Sciences, Time Based Media


More than 30 lecturers and students from the partner universities responded to the call, which was founded by the Mainz-based Prof. Dr. Ferreira-Lopes, Prof. Hartmut Jahn and Jeremias Witteler. We are all more or less in a worldwide lockdown. This is what connects us - from self-isolation to forced isolation in Lisbon, Amman, Mexico City, Mainz, Rome, Macao and elsewhere.


From these personal audio-visual observations we want to open a shared window on our current conditions, - out of the virtual space - into the possibilities of film project, an installation, a concert etc.


Each participant produces :
1 minute / week HD 25f/s
Form: open, but as continuous as possible
(if spoken word: English subtitles please)

Further information on the project, on participation and to the upload-link please contact
Dr Paulo Ferreira-Lopes
Hartmut Jahn


Start date for the recordings is supposed to be 2020 May 1st at noon.

The project will last longer than the summer 2020.
Feel free to participate at any moment!



Teaching unit Time-based Media

Institute for Media Design - img

of the Mainz University of Applied Sciences

Corona River Rhine, Mainz - Left Bank at NoonBreak 20 03 27
by Seweryn Zelazny, Music: Paulo Ferreira-Lopes
by Jan Glück
Exploring Memories I
by Jeremias Witteler
Exploring Memories II
by Jeremias Witteler
Talk To My Mother in Belarus
by Veronika Bolotina
Public Transport
by Arne Hertstein
Walking Alone
by Aaron Soltani
Images of Lisbon I
by Catarina Soeiro
Images of Lisbon II
by Catarina Soeiro
Small Things I
by nils schmidt
RULES II - Go To The Window IV
by Maria Madalena Salgueiro
Rules - Go To The Window III
by Maria Madalena Salgueiro
One and a Half Meter
by Hartmut Jahn
Rua de Sao Bento 394, Lisbon
by Joao Palmeira
Rua de Sao Bento 297 Lisbon
by Joao Palmeira
Karlsruhe Bells at Noon, March 27th
Paulo Ferreira-Lopes
Brotgarten Berlin Nightshift
by Hartmut Jahn
Brotgarten Berlin Distance
by Hartmut Jahn
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