A short film about mental health-anxiety disorders

Director, Art Director, Makeup & Wardrobe: Clara Nasser             
Technical Support, Producer: 
Abdullah Ma'ani         
DoP, Light: 
Mustafa Rasheed  
Co-Director and Editor:
Geraldine Rodriguez
Audio Engineer:
Steven Gomez             

A young girl steps out of the shower and stares into her reflection with the water flowing down her hair and face.

You can tell that her father is calling her from a distance to tell her to hurry up and get ready or they are going to be late for an appointment.

We can see her getting ready and the viewer thinks she is doing fine until the camera zooms into the mirror
in her room and you can see how she really views herself.


Jump cut to a car ride where her head is up against the window and her mask covering up her face. Her dad is behind the wheel and his face is also covered with a mask.


We jump cut again back to their home. We can see their things. The father's room is clean and tidy while her room is messy and you could tell she has no motivation to clean it up. The day passed and she stays in her room, no
food and no drinks... all she has is her laptop and her messy bed.

The father comes in at night and they start to argue. He completely doesn't understand how she feels but, she
doesn't as well.


He is struggling with his work due to the pandemic and she is struggling with her mental health. Depression and an eating disorder has taken over. The father has completely lost his identity due to the stress he is under and the lack of a mother figure for his daughter.