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person mask fiction no one

Experimental Short Film
L 4 min.


D: Lunkenheimer / Scharwächter / Winter / Goralsky
V: Tim Lunkenheimer, Elena Scharwächter, Marius Winter

A: David Goralsky
P: Marius Winter
E: Tim Lunkenheimer, Elena Scharwächter
Voice: Alexander Pessler

Fernando Pessoa, one of the greatest writers of the  20th century, was always unknown and observant on the margins of society during his lifetime. These observations, most of which are summarized in  his fragmentary work „The Book of Restlessness“, describe an egoistic and thoughtless society that has lost faith in every god.Like a forgotten treasure, Pessoa‘s dream-like spider‘s web of fragments, stored in an old wooden chest, was only published long after his death, making him posthu-mously Portugal‘s most famous writer.Today, the capital enjoys increasing popularity as an inter-national travel destination. Masses of people crowd the city by the Tejo every day, passing numerous dilapidated and empty houses that are no longer renovated and  inhabited due to a legal rent brake.The film leads the viewer through these abandoned land- scapes and leaves room for the effect of emptiness in  the metropolis of Lisbon with the long forgotten lines  of Pessoa.

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