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Experimental Installation

In the form of an audiovisual installation, we bring
the long abandoned harbour back to life.
D, A: Eric Buschendorf
D, V, 3D: Nicolas Behrens
A: Felix Theobald
PR: Gonçalo Silva, Bruno Leal
Portico da Lisnave, once one of Lisbon‘s most important ports and a hub for many goods, is today just a forgotten remnant of economic change.


Part of the generative installation is to portray this place  in all of its present abandoned beauty – halls, empty docks, collapsed ceilings, dirty oil pans, and the recapture of nature. It is important to us that the place is telling by itself - and we get inspired. It‘s not about telling old stories. The shots on site are not about big machines and ships, but about the small, overseen things.

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