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Installation, Multi-Channel, 3D-Sound

L 37:00 min.


C: Paulo Ferreira-Lopes
V: Imanuel Spiegel, Bastian Bley, Hartmut Jahn
A: Haroon Soltani, João Palmeira
D: Paulo Ferreira-Lopes, Hartmut Jahn
PR: Antonio Sousa Dias, Mariana Pinto Coelho

One day with Ricardo Ribeiro. Thinking about Lisbon and its sounds would be impossible without thinking about Ricardo Ribeiro. Ricardo is one of most representative Fado singers and musicians of the new Portuguese  musicians generation. His point of depart, some years ago, was strongly focused on the Fado. Throughout the last eight years Ricardo has experienced other musi-cal expressions and nowadays his musical culture is extremely broad and rich. On the afternoon of a sunny saturday we met each other in the cistern of Faculdade de Belas Artes. After a small exchange about us, Ricardo, under a wonderful mood, carried us to an unforgettable sound and time voyage. Westarted with the Fado  Leitmotiv, and through his voice and guitar it was possible  to revisiting Africa, the Arabic World, Flamenco and much more places around Ricardo’s musical world.

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