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Commercial Film

L 02:46 min


Andrej Justus, Olivia Nigl, Arne Herstein


Image and sound are combined to create an atmospheric presentation of the climbing sport in which safety is guaranteed by the right equipment.

The film builds with the help of impressive backdrops and exciting sounds a special atmosphere. The feeling, which describes the climbing sport, stands here in the fore - ground. Different rock structures and breaking waves that hit the coast are important elements. A sportsman climbs a cliff on the coast of Cascais. We hear the sound of the sea, climbing equipment in use and the breath of the climber. Rough rock meets rough skin. The climber is in his element and executes the next difficult move. He goes to his limits, overcomes his fears and slowly gets closer to his goal. By a clever camera guidance it‘s hidden that he‘s roped in.

It comes to the next decisive moment. Wrong grip. Slip - pery ground. The athlete falls, but the rope grabs and the situation relaxes. The climber gets a new foothold. Now we see him with equipment, which gives him the security and speed he needs. „We‘re here for you when you need us.“

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