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Der Klang von Venedig / Il Suono di Venezia / The Sounds of Venice

Sound and Visual Studies

Composition, sound, film and audio-visual events with artists

Choirs, craftswomen, wind & water

Cante Alentejano is a joint production of the depts. Sound and Film at the department unit of Time Based Media / Zeitbasierte Medien (B.A./ M.A.) Hochschule Mainz – University of Applied Sciences


in collaboration with

Conservatorio di Musica Agostino Steffani – Castelfranco, Veneto


supported by

Institut für Mediengestaltung – img

DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service

The Production Group:

Matteo Bordin, Willi Bücking, Ariane Dick Bellosillo, Jan Glück, Paul Faerber, Tim Hartrick, Kristof Korwisi, Clara Läßle, Jakob Lilje, Benga Mavinga, Nila Puvendran, Lorenzo Scagnolari, Helen Steiner, Kristina Sukhach, Jan Tillmanns, Lorenzo Vesconi, Jonas Winkler, Susanne Wöll, Tim Hartrick and Maurilio Cacciatore Paulo Ferreira-Lopes, Hartmut Jahn, Daniel Seideneder


Hartmut Jahn, Uwe Zentgraf

Assistant and Web-Design

Jan Glück 

Artistic Directors 

Prof. Maurilio Cacciatore,

Prof. Dr. Paulo Ferreira-Lopes

Prof. Hartmut Jahn

Prof. Daniel Seideneder

Anker 1
Anker 2

Exhibition „ON“

LUX Pavillion Mainz


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